22 February 2021

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Bishop’s messages

A Steward’s Way

Our diocesan plan and my pastoral letter introducing it were signed by me before a group of college students at St. Thomas More Newman Center on Feb. 6, the third anniversary of my ordination and installation as bishop of Jefferson City. It is available on our website in English and Spanish, and in the Feb. 19 issue of The Catholic Missourian. Please join me in praying and working so that the plan brings great fruit for our diocese!

Marriage preparation training

Our new marriage preparation policies, which becomes effective July 1, require training of all priests, deacons and lay marriage preparation facilitators. If you are a pastor, in addition to participating in the training yourself, you should also invite qualified lay people to serve as marriage preparation facilitators. You will find information on the qualities needed for these lay facilitators, how many are needed, and more in the Guidelines for Selection and Training of Marriage Preparation Facilitators available at this link.

All priests, deacons and invited laity should register for a training BEFORE MARCH 21 by using an online form. There are separate trainings for priests, deacons and lay people, with in person and online options for all. Please request the link for the form from

The only charge to the parishes is $50 per lay individual/couple. All costs for priests and deacons are being covered by the diocese. You can find more details in the guidelines, mentioned above. Thank you for your kind attention to this important training.

The Liturgical Commission is asking each parish to complete a Survey of Musical Information in order to have updated and accurate information on our inventory and needs for musical instruments in the diocese.  We appreciate your attention to this matter by March 16.

Pray for us!

The Carmelite nuns ask parishes to consider using these graphics in print bulletins and on social media to encourage people to send prayer requests to them.

Parishes are encouraged to pray the Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for Protection from the Coronavirus at the end of each Mass.

Abiding by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, the use of face masks upon entering the church, during the celebration of Mass except when in place in the pew, during the Communion procession, and upon leaving the church is required.  If social distancing cannot be maintained in the pew, then the wearing of face masks is obligatory even in the pew. For more resources, visit

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Reflections from Within

The Women’s Ministry of Jefferson City was established to help the women of our diocese connect with each other so that we can support each other in our spiritual journeys.  We find inspiration and comfort in praying with each other, in talking with each other, and in sharing the stories of our faith journeys. Some of the women of our diocese have shared their stories in podcasts. These stories ( are from ordinary women doing the best they can to serve their families, their parishes, their communities and, above all, their God. Their experiences tell our story, too, about times of sorrow, challenges, hope, faith, love and joy. Each week, there will be a new podcast on this website. Let us go to our favorite resting places with our favorite beverages and spend some time with our sisters in Christ by listening to these podcasts.

Scholarships available

Applications for the 2021-2022 Simon Scholarship are being accepted through March 31, 2021. Applications can be acquired through the pastor or parish life collaborator or may be downloaded at 

Hear Bishop McKnight discuss vaccines in the latest issue!

MCC from the Capitol is a podcast produced by the Missouri Catholic Conference (MCC). In each episode of this podcast, host Tyler McClay, Executive Director of the MCC, will dive deeper into public policy issues from a Catholic perspective. Leaders and experts in different areas of policy and/or church teaching will join the show as guests. Previous episodes have covered the topics of religious liberty, pro-life issues, race, civility, immigration and more. Episodes are available for download on their website, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. We hope you enjoy listening to MCC from the Capitol! Please share your favorite episodes with family and friends.

Employment opportunities

The Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking a maintenance worker for its Chancery building, located at 2207 West Main St, Jefferson City. The successful candidate will have at least five years of custodial experience, experience with grounds maintenance, electrical and plumbing repair, hardware, painting, and building maintenance. For more information, visit

Two administrative assistant positions are available at the Chancery and there are several openings in our Catholic schools. Please promote these openings.

The Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking a Director of Religious Education and Youth/Young Adult Ministry administer the curriculum approval process within the Diocese of Jefferson City for parish based religious education. He/she will provide direct support for and development of parish-based young adult leaders and youth ministers in the outreach, evangelization, faith formation and pastoral care of their youth. For more information, visit