Maintenance Worker

The Diocese of Jefferson City is seeking a maintenance worker for its Chancery building, located at 2207 West Main St, Jefferson City. The successful candidate will have at least five years of custodial experience, experience with grounds maintenance, electrical and plumbing repair, hardware, painting, and building maintenance. Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Consistent with the vision and mission of the Catholic Center, contributes to a positive and healthy work environment for the staff at the Center
  • Daily maintenance of Catholic Center, including cleaning and general repairs
  • Work in partnership with cleaning personnel
  • Maintains inventory of supplies for cleaning and repairs
  • Maintains staff use of vehicles including service, repairs, cleaning and license
  • Assists in purchase of vehicles; locate, test drive, recommend and purchase, when directed
  • Maintains vendor relationships
  • Provides key passes and office keys for employees
  • Retains all records for vehicles owned by diocese
  • Contacts (as needed) and retains list of contractors used for repairs at Catholic Center
  • Secures contracts for snow removal, lawn mowing, etc. for Catholic Center
  • Available for services as requested at the bishop’s residence
  • Reviews bills for services provided by contractors
  • Reviews monthly utility bills for Catholic Center and Bishop’s Residence
  • Ensures updated inspections as required
  • Coordinates renovations and provide oversight as needed
  • Oversees grounds-keeping at the Chancery and Bishop’s Residence
  • Participates in preparing the budget; ongoing monitoring of the budget
  • Advises Moderator of the Curia on upkeep of the building and grounds; recommends solutions
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Creates a folder outlining and describing the aforementioned duties and responsibilities and updates it regularly (at least annually) 
  • Assists the Director of Buildings and Properties as needed

Please contact the director of Human Resources to apply.