Downloadable livestreaming equipment guide for parishes

Overcoming obstacles in livestreaming

As the pandemic continues, many Catholics find consolation in being able to participate in Masses remotely, even as they eagerly await the ability to return to celebrating and receiving Holy Communion together, in person. The elderly and others confined to their homes for various reasons have expressed hope that parishes will continue livestreaming liturgies after the pandemic is gone. In a decree dated 20 August 2020, Bishop W. Shawn McKnight states “Parishes are highly encouraged to livestream Masses for Sundays and holy days of obligation indefinitely.”

To assist parishes in this effort, this document provides details on a relatively low-cost means to livestream, using a smartphone, auxiliary equipment and a Facebook account. A second option, using a camera, HDMI encoder and mixer, provides higher quality images, but requires more resources and a well-trained team of volunteers.

The guide provides details of options for the four basic elements necessary for livestreaming:

  1. capturing audio
  2. capturing video
  3. an Internet connection and
  4. a platform or destination on the Internet where people can view and hear your production.

Pastors may want to consider finding parishioners with expertise or experience in livestreaming who could lead a ministry in this area – or just someone with an interest who is willing to experiment and learn!

A note on liturgical music and licensing

As a reminder, if worship music is livestreamed or posted on the Internet for later viewing, all copyrights must be observed. The diocese has a group agreement for licensing of audio and video being streamed over the Internet with; parishes’ fees are determined by the parish’s number of households. Contact for more information.

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