All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters

ISBN: 1594716773

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Summary: In this time of Covid-19 where we have been separated from relationships and even communal celebrations of the Mass, this is a timely book about how belonging to the church community matters.  Yes, belonging to Jesus matters, but author Pat Gohn makes the case that you truly cannot have one without the other.  The Church is communal; it is flawed; and it is the divine Bride of Christ all at the same time, and Pat provides helps for us to navigate this vessel on our journey toward Heaven.  This sometimes light-hearted, scripturally based read is dotted with entertaining personal antidotes and provides you something to PRAY, LEARN, and ENGAGE at the end of each chapter.  The ENGAGE activity provides you with a concrete activity to try as you become “All In” as a member of the Catholic Church.  Join her on your continual call to conversion with this delightful tool.

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STUDY SCHEDULE(Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM, June 24 – July 22)

Week 1:  Introduction – Chapter 1 (29 pages)
Week 2:  Chapters 2 & 3 (31 pages)
Week 3:  Chapters 4 & 5 (33 pages)
Week 4:  Chapters 6 & 7 (33 pages)
Week 5:  Chapters 8 – Flying Lessons (36 pages)    

Facilitator: Denise currently works in communications for the Jefferson City Diocese, but has been in ministry for the Catholic Church for over 20 years as a volunteer, religion teacher, faith formation director, and youth minister.  There was a time in her life, however, she was not “All IN” with the Catholic Church.  She documents this journey from non-practicing Catholic back to the pews in a book she authored called, “Growing Catholics” where she discovers her church community is the very thing she missed– and needed– the most, outside of the Eucharist itself.  Since her journey back, not only has her faith community been her stronghold during times of great loss, it has been an integral source of her ongoing spiritual growth. 

Book study has been one component of this growth, and this book from Pat Gohn has challenged her to once again go deeper on her constant journey of faith.  Although she made the journey to be “All IN” many years ago, this book nudges again.  No matter one’s current level of commitment to the Catholic Church, we are reminded and challenged to continually assess our “ALL IN” and change what that term means for us at this moment.

Denise Barnes