COVID-19 presents a new challenge for diocesan schools

Spencer Allen, Principal of St. Joseph Cathedral School, shares insights on the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents to Catholic faculty, staff and students in the Diocese of Jefferson City. You can click here for a full transcript of this video.

Your support, now more than ever, is vital to Catholic education.

You can support your parish in this trying time in a number of ways:

  1. Set up an online donation to your parish. Some parishes have online giving options established. Contact your parish office to find out the best way to give.
  2. If your parish does not have an online giving option established, you can support your parish online by using this Diocesan Giving Form.
  3. If online giving is not an option for you, consider mailing your regular tithing envelope to the parish office; though please be aware that many parish staff members may be transitioning to working remotely, and this option might delay the funds being processed as timely as giving online.

If your parish needs help setting up online giving options or would like to learn more about services available to parishes through our contract with Blackbaud, please contact Ashley Wiskirchen or Helen Osman.