Clergy Protocols for Public Health Safety

UPDATED APRIL 1, 2020: These protocols have been replaced by a new decree of Bishop McKnight’s. Read more here

As with any time of crisis in a person’s life, the presence of a priest or deacon can be comforting and bring hope to those who are suffering.

Clergy are asked to review the following information as they provide care to those affected by the coronavirus.

  • Stay on top of eating healthy foods, drinking water, and getting plenty of rest.
  • Visiting at hospitals may require completing paperwork prior to visiting.
  • For those over 60 years of age and/or with a chronic illness, be especially prudent in protecting yourself by considering the following:
    • Please practice social distancing (at least six feet from others) during your celebration of Mass. This means:
      • you should not be greeting people before and after Mass;
      • you should observe appropriate spacing in processions and when seated; and
      • you should not distribute Holy Communion to the assembly. Ordinary and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who are under age 60 should be utilized for the distribution of Communion to the faithful.
    • Maintain social distancing of six feet between yourself and others in the confessional.
  • If you become ill and, if needed, please let someone know who can help care for you.  Our priest wellness nurse is Kimie Bax at 573-953-9031.

For latest updates from the CDC, visit:

In addition, helpful printable, distributable coronavirus factsheets can be dowloaded at: