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Liturgy and illness

UPDATED APRIL 1, 2020: These protocols have been replaced by a new decree of Bishop McKnight’s. Read more here.

This bulletin announcement should be edited to meet the pastoral needs of the parish.


Please be aware the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply to those who are ill, especially those who suffer from contagious disease. It is a sign of consideration for others that those with a fever or flu-like symptoms remain at home. In consideration of the severity of the flu season, we are suspending the distribution of the Precious Blood at Mass. We also ask that people use a bow to greet one another in the Sign of Peace, instead of a handshake, and forego the holding of hands at the Lord’s Prayer.

We pray for the health and recovery of all who are ill and not with us today. We are implementing these measures out of care for everyone’s well-being and not out of unkindness or a lack of piety. Those who are not able to join us are encouraged to join the community in a spiritual communion by praying the Sunday Scriptures, using the readings located at, and perhaps praying the Rosary or the Divine Chaplet.