Adding “Distributed Content” from the diocese to your parish website.

The Annual Lenten Regulations and Admonitions, provided by Fr. Daniel Merz, Chair of the Liturgical Commission, were distributed this week in the Monday Morning Memo, but parishes using the WordPress websites developed for us in our collaboration with Blackbaud have a unique way to get this information visitors to their parishioners and community members online.

Using “Distributed Content” from the Diocesan website allows parishes to publish articles on church teachings, policies and seasonal instruction like the Lenten Regulations and Admonitions with just a few clicks; and once set up they will self-update if changes are made at the Diocesan level.

While over a dozen articles of this nature are included in the Parish Website Template, we can continue to produce “Distributed Content” that helps parishes to streamline information sharing, ensuring accuracy and freeing up time for parish website administrators (as opposed to locating the information on the Diocesan site and then sending that on to parishioners.)

For example, the “Baptism” Distributed Content article is already placed on the “Baptism” page in the website template, and if updates are warranted, they will be made at the Diocesan level, then automatically updated across parish sites displaying that content.

However, as new content comes out, you can add it to your website in, essentially, four steps:

  1. Select the page that the Lenten Regulations will display on; you may desire to create a new page for this. Whether creating a new page with the pre-existing templates (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns) or adding it to an existing page – you will need to launch the Blackbaud builder.
  2. In the “Modules” section of the Blackbaud Builder, either search for or locate “Distributed Content” in the panel
  3. Drag the “Distributed Content” module to the section of the page you would like it to be displayed on, and you’ll notice the Blackbaud Builder prompting you to “Select the post to include.”
  4. Simply choose “Lenten Regulations, 2020” then click “Save” at the bottom of the Blackbaud Builder

See screenshots of the process below for reference!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please always know that I am here to help!

Ashley Wiskirchen
Director of Parish Communications
Diocese of Jefferson City
Office: 573.635.9127