Helias Catholic High School alumnus releases book on how to move forward after a loved one dies by suicide

Jason Holzer woke up early on his birthday this year and went for a morning run.
“That’s the best time of day,” he said. “My phone and all my devices were at home.”
Blanketed by silence and the stars overhead, he filled up suddenly with peace and an overwhelming desire to let go of his anger, confusion, resentment and remorse.
“I want to forgive what’s happened and be able to rejoice with you because you’re in a great place!”
Mr. Holzer was speaking in his mind to his father, who had died by suicide 16 years before.
“What came next felt like just a normal conversation with my dad,” he said. “It flowed like something spiritual, like nothing I could explain or recreate.”
He recognized it as part of a very long answer to prayer.

-Catholic Missourian

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