Feed the hungry: opportunity with Salvation Army

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.

Matthew 25:35

The Diocese of Jefferson City Women’s Ministry is partnering with the Jefferson City Salvation Army to feed the hungry.

Teams of eight to 10 are being formed to provide a dinner meal for the homeless at the Salvation Army in Jefferson City. Each team will create the menu, provide and serve the meal to approximately 100 people.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Virginia Shetler via email or 573-619-0104 or LeAnn Korsmeyer via email or 573-690-2882.

Below are some Do’s and Don’t’s provided by the Salvation Army. Please consider participating. The need is now.


  • Teams of 8-10 people work best.
  • In order to not duplicate meals, please let Virginia know your menu.
  • Remember the kids when choosing your menu. 
  • Arrive on site to set up/prepare to serve by 4pm. 
  • Staff will announce when to begin serving food.  The residents eat at 5pm and the outside door for the community is opened by staff around 5:20pm.
  • Prepare enough food to serve up to 100 people. It is recommended a protein, vegetable, starch, fruit and dessert is served for dinner.  In addition, a side salad up to 16 servings (3 packages) is appreciated for those with restricted diets/ranch dressing should be onsite.   Leave leftovers.
  • Fill the tray from the kitchen side, asking those served if they would like each item.
  • Bring small paper plates for serving desserts.
  • Drink option besides water (lemonade or tea, or other juice) there are 2 – 5 gal containers on premises.  Always serve water as 1 of 2 options.
  • It’s best to bring food already prepared, otherwise you have to arrive much earlier in the day for a 5pm serving time.  Warming trays are available to place food into.  Very few plug-ins are available.   
  • There are ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, freezers on premise as well as most common condiments.
  • Steam tables should have water in them already, if not ask staff how much water to put in each section (4 total warming trays).
  • Feel free to Introduce the group as representing the Diocese of Jefferson City’s Women’s Ministry
  • You may invited others to pray with you before the meal but it is not required.
  • Health Department requirement/close-toed shoes and have hair pulled back if long.  Gloves for food service are in the kitchen area.
  • If you have extra plastic grocery bags at home, please bring and leave in the “pantry” area.
  • Ask staff how many plates to leave back for those working late shift. 


  • Bring children under age 13 for serving on the team, and no child under age 17 without adult supervision.
  • Open doors to anyone, the community homeless will arrive and line up outside but they are not allowed into the building until the residents have eaten.  Staff opens door.
  • Travel outside or inside the center alone, always with a partner.
  • Handle any incidents or disruption with those being served – rather, the team leader should alert the desk monitor.
  • Give out your full name or address.
  • Take photos that include residents or the homeless – protect their dignity and person.