14 October 2019

Bishop’s messages

Last week we published an updated Reporting Protocols Relating to Allegations of Abuse or Neglect. This updated policy delineates clearly the expectation of the Diocese regarding reporting allegations of abuse, involving minors or vulnerable adults.  For reference purposes, there is a “Frequently Asked Questions” section which, among other things, contains key definitions regarding what is meant when referring to “abuse,” “neglect,” and “vulnerable adult.”  Additionally, for purposes of clarification, this reporting responsibility, as it pertains to allegations involving priests and brothers, applies equally to religious order priests and brothers.

Promotional material for the Catholic Stewardship Appeal 2020 is now available online.

The Diocese of Jefferson City was highlighted in this recent column by Kim Smolik, CEO of Leadership Roundtable. “Bishop McKnight and other Catholic leaders are modeling a new culture of leadership rooted in reformed structures,” Smolik wrote. “The future of the Church depends on it.” The article was first published by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University.

As a reminder:


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an appeal process for those who have been denied financial assistance in regards to this spring’s natural disasters. Please use this graphic and flyer to alert parishioners.

This bulletin graphic, along with other graphics and bulletin announcements in English and Spanish, promote the diocesan-wide Advent Small Groups series.

The Catholic Missourian plans to publish an article in its Nov. 29 print edition about creative ways parishes are promoting “A Steward’s Way,” the Advent small-group program which Bishop McKnight is encouraging Catholics in the Diocese to participate. If your parish plans to show some splash and innovation in inviting people to this experience, please contact Jay Nies at Promotional material is available on the diocesan website, in English and Spanish.

Retiro de Crecimiento: Después de haber vivido tu Retiro de Inicio, el Grupo de Oración San Pedro te invita a vivir una experiencia de crecimiento y encuentro con Jesús para renovar tu compromiso e iniciarte en el servicio de nuestra Iglesia. ¡Te esperamos! Contacto: Marcelino Chavez 660-815-0179 y Fidel Perez 660-815-2586.

Pilgrimage to the Shrines of French Canada with Father Matthew Flatley,  July 6 – 11, 2020. Call Travel Tyme @ 636-391-1000 to learn more or to register, or you can visit Please plan on joining us on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. at the Parish Pastoral Center (108 N. Coffey St.) at Visitation Catholic Church in Vienna for an informational gathering and meeting with George Hudson, Owner & Director of Travel Tyme.  George will join us to provide further details and to answer any questions you may have. 

As a reminder:

Upcoming events

Please consider promoting these events in your bulletins, other print publications, on your website and in other digital sites. Please use the description in our online event page (links provided for each event) for your print products. You may find more events on our diocesan website.

Protecting God’s Children workshops
The Catholic Church in the United States is committed to providing safe environments in all of our ministries and activities, especially those involving children and youth. One aspect of our commitment is that anyone who works with minors in our parishes, schools and other Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Jefferson City receive training. For a full list of trainings currently available, please visit our Virtus site and select “Jefferson City, MO (Diocese),” or go to our Events page and filter by “Protecting God’s Children.”

The new diocesan Women’s Ministry has lots going on, including a virtual book club for young women (see graphic above)! Please consider reviewing its calendar of events and promote events in your area!

Come and learn about the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and the medical applications called NaProTechnology: Oct. 21 in St. James and Oct. 26 at the Chancery in Jefferson City. This is chemical-free reliable family planning to achieve or avoid pregnancy and to monitor women’s health, with medical applications that find the cause and treat it to make the woman healthy.  Perhaps you are tired of taking the birth control pill for every reproductive problem or of having your daughters on this steroid for acne or cramps?  Or being told that IVF is your only solution for infertility? In addition, these systems are totally in accord with Church teaching affirming that there is no conflict between faith and science – good medicine and Church teaching. Call 573-443-3470 for more information.

All men are invited to attend the TrueManhood Outdoor Men’s Retreat on Saturday, Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. in Edina. Fathers may bring sons 13 years and older, and men of all faith traditions are welcome. This retreat is a 100% outdoor experience, mixing Catholic masculine formation and prayer with outdoor activities such as wood chopping, axe and knife throwing, archery, and firearms training and shooting, camp fires, father-son time, meals, and sacraments. (Fr. Colin Franklin will be offering the Mass.) The cost is $50 per individual man, $80 for a “father and youth son” (youth are 13-17 years old), or $110 for “father and 2 youth sons.” Scholarships available. Register online at Direct questions to or call/text 785-534-2575.  Visit for more info. Ladies – please encourage the men in your life to attend! They’ll come home a changed man. 

If someone in your parish or you are interested in becoming a NFP teacher through the Family of the Americas Foundation, which teaches a simple, effective, and scientific-based natural method to postpone or achieve pregnancies, contact the Marriage Ministries Office at 573-635-9127 as soon as possible. A teacher training is scheduled for Nov. 8-10.