Policy on Weapons


Missouri law permits qualified individuals to obtain a permit to carry concealed firearms on or about his/her person or vehicle throughout the State of Missouri.  The permit is issued through a “concealed carry endorsement” to the person’s driver’s license or non-driver’s license.

Having a concealed carry permit does not authorize a person to carry concealed firearms into certain facilities, including churches and schools, without the consent of the respective pastor, manager or governing body of the facility, as the case may be.  Additionally, under the law, any owner of private property where signs have been posted stating that the property is off-limits to concealed firearms may prohibit persons with concealed carry endorsements from bringing concealed firearms onto the private property.  It should be noted that the owner of private property is not restricted to prohibiting only concealed firearms, but may restrict any and all weapons. 


The carrying or possession of any type of firearm or other dangerous weapon on parish premises is strictly prohibited, unless the pastor has approved a person to carry a concealed firearm, if certain conditions have been met to the satisfaction of the pastor/parochial administrator.  

Any person wishing to carry a concealed firearm on parish premises must be able to demonstrate to the pastor that he/she: (1) has a valid concealed carry permit issued in the State of Missouri; and (2) has successfully completed training specific to using the firearm in a public environment.  Generally, this type of training is provided to members of law enforcement. 

The pastor/parochial administrator will make the sole determination as to whether an individual is approved to carry a concealed firearm on parish premises and his determination shall be final and binding. 

If a person has been approved to carry a concealed firearm, the pastor/parochial administrator shall maintain a list of such approved persons and shall note the duration of the concealed carry permit.  Such approvals shall be reviewed by the pastor/parochial administrator every other year, or sooner if an approved person’s permit is set to expire.  The acting pastor/parochial administrator may revoke such approvals at any time and for any reason.