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Policy on Rectories

In order to maintain the livability of parish rectories there are various responsibilities and privileges on the part of the parish and the pastor.  Pastors and priests residing in rectories can expect the following to be provided by the parish:

  1. Basic cable, satellite, or some form of internet based television service. 
  2. Telephone service as well as internet service are expected to be provided by the parish.  Up to $100 in cell phone service is to be reimbursed to the priest.  Priests are expected to pay for their own phones.
  3. An adequately equipped kitchen (place settings, dishes, pots, pans, etc.)
  4. Appropriate bedding and other linens such as towels, sheets, blankets, etc.
  5. All carpets will be cleaned before moving into a new assignment.

Having been entrusted with the care of the facilities of his parish, pastors have a responsibility to maintain a clean and well-kept rectory.  To ensure that rectories are being adequately maintained the following policies are to be followed:

  1. Any damage to the rectory due to pets is the personal responsibility of the resident.  This includes not only carpet damage, but also lingering odors associated with the pets.
  2. Any modifications to the rectory to accommodate pets should be returned to their previous state before moving out.  This includes ramps and pet doors.
  3. Any damage due to tobacco use is the personal responsibility of the resident.
  4. Any smoke damage due to candle burning is the personal responsibility of the resident.

To help ensure a smooth transition between pastors, an inspection of the rectory will be required before and after the transition.  The first inspection will be attended by the out-going pastor and at least two members of parish council, utilizing a video recorder.  This inspection should take place as soon as an announcement has been made regarding the change in pastor/resident.  During the initial inspection, areas of concern should be noted so that the parish and pastor have an understanding of what needs to be repaired by the parish before a new pastor/resident arrives.  This inspection should also identify what property in the rectory belongs to the parish and what property belongs to the resident.  The second inspection will be attended by the new pastor/resident with at least two members of parish council to ensure repairs were completed or are in progress.  If there is a concern of the parish or resident, recourse should be sought with the local dean.

If the inspection determines the rectory needs paint, it will be the responsibility of the parish.

If a rectory is being remodeled, care should be taken to maintain a sufficient number of guest rooms.

If there is mold damage, it should be addressed by the parish and reported to the dean.