Sr. Kathleen Wegman SSND has been living out her calling in community for 50 years

They sat outside McDonald’s, eating fish sandwiches.
The young woman had something to tell the young man she had been dating the last couple of years. 
They had thought about getting married, buying a home and having children.
She had recently told her parents that God might be calling her to be a School Sister of Notre Dame, and she had to find out for sure.
Both parents approved, but her father advised her to break the news to her boyfriend as soon as possible.
“So I was in this terrible turmoil,” Sister Kathleen Wegman recently recalled. “You know you can’t have both, and you know God isn’t calling you to both.”
The call to religious life was a like a magnet. She knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until she at least gave it a try.
“I’ve got to enter the School Sisters to get God off my back,” she told the young man.

Catholic Missourian

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