67 parishes receive contribution checks following record Catholic Stewardship Appeal

In July, 67 parishes received incentive checks from the diocese, totaling nearly $476,000.
The generosity of parishioners of these parishes showed a remarkable response to God’s call to help one another and contributed greatly to the 2019 Catholic Stewardship Appeal (CSA19) surpassing the goal for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.
To emphasize the mutual dependence of a diocese and its parishes, any parish that met or exceeded its CSA19 goal was awarded 10 percent of that goal and 90 percent of the amount received in excess of the goal.
“We are one Church family helping one another,” Bishop W. Shawn McKnight said. “When God blesses the diocese beyond our budget, the remainder should go back to the parishes where most of ministry takes place.”

Catholic Missourian

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