2019 Women’s Ministry Book Club

Ladies, it is time we step out of our comfort zone and offer our lives and daily works to Christ. LeAnn Korsmeyer is doing just that!

LeAnn Korsmeyer, our Diocesan director of women’s ministry is presenting a way for women to connect to one another and to Christ. Through her role as the Women’s Ministry coordinator, she is offering a book club for all women in our diocese!

The first book in our club will be Girl, Arise, written by Claire Swinarski. This book can be purchased on Amazon or Ava Maria Press.

In “Girl, Arise!”, Swinarski reconciles the two identities, “Catholic” and “Feminist”, by demonstrating the strength and abilities women have to share with the Body of Christ, the importance of women throughout the history of the faith, and how the love you experience through Christ and the Church can change you and the world around you.

-Claire Swinarski

Follow our Women’s Ministry Facebook page or check out our Women’s Ministry Page on the diocesan website to find discussion questions! Questions and discussions will take place on both sources starting October 1st. We will be sure to post a heads up on social media to prepare all groups to jump in and make connections throughout the diocese!

Invite groups of friends or fellow parishioners to join you in this new, beautiful mission! If you are interested in being a group leader for a women’s book club in your parish or local area, please contact LeAnn Korsmeyer at 573-635-9127 (ext. 222) or send her an email at

“Ask Jesus what He wants from you, and be brave!”

-Pope Francis