Message regarding Father Geoffrey Brooke

From Bishop W. Shawn McKnight (Espanol)

In early March, I reported to you that the Diocese had received reports of boundary violations involving two minors regarding Father Geoffrey Brooke. Following diocesan policy, we notified the Missouri Children’s Division hotline and placed Father Brooke on administrative leave.

The police were also made aware of the reports but did not proceed with an investigation. After the civil authorities finished their reviews regarding possible violations of civil law, the Diocese conducted its own investigation. The focus of our investigation was to consider whether Father Brooke’s behavior constituted a violation of church law, including the US bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

The Diocesan Review Board received all the information and has provided me with its recommendations. I have determined it is necessary to forward this matter to the Holy See’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Father Brooke remains on administrative leave. While he is on administrative leave, he is not allowed to function publicly as a priest.

I ask for your continued prayers for all involved in this situation: the children, their families, Father Brooke, the school and all the parish communities affected. We have made therapeutic services available to the families and Father Brooke. Thank you for your prayers and for your witness of faith in this time of difficulty. May Mary, the Immaculate Conception and our Mother, protect us and guide us as we strive to follow her son, Jesus.