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July 22, 2019

As a reminder: Bishop’s prayer intention for August Breaking the Silence of Abuse – resources for bulletins and web. Also, please publicize upcoming Protecting God’s Children (Virtus) workshops. Notices Carla McDaniel has accepted the position of Administrative Assistant for the Vocations and Development Offices. For almost 15 years, Carla served in the development office of…

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FR. MERZ — The flesh is the hinge of salvation

If you ever have religious conversations with our Protestant brothers and sisters, chances are you’ve been asked why Catholics insist on keeping Christ on the cross. Protestant places of worship will prominently display a cross, but not a crucifix. Sometimes even Catholics shy away from the crucifix, especially if it’s too graphic with blood and…

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Local deacons serve as bridges in wake of tornado, floods

Bishop W. Shawn McKnight once wrote that deacons “should work to connect the people of God with their local leader, the bishop, and the Church with the needs of the poor … drawing Church leaders, ordinary believers, and people on the margins of society closer together.” Recent natural disasters have affirmed this for several deacons…

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The Weekly Wrap: 07.19.2019

ACRE Testing: Update All but two of our schools should have full access to their ACRE testing scores. ACRE testing provides critical data for schools to analyze in our efforts to fully form students in the faith.  Using this data can be very beneficial for pastors, principals, and teachers in helping to meet the evangelizing…

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July 15, 2019

Bishop’s message The appeal for our diocesan Missions is set for the weekend of July 20-21. We have many resources to help parishes promote this collection, which gives each of us an opportunity to reflect on the question of who is our neighbor. You can find a letter from me in English and Spanish, graphics…

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Dear Pastors and Principals, One of the goals for the Catholic School Office for 2019-20 is to increase communication between the School Office, pastors and principals. In this year of transition we want to ensure each of you feel supported in your role as a Catholic School leader. The School Office is tasked this year…

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SSM Health-St. Mary’s presents $25,000 gift for disaster relief

SSM Health-St. Mary’s Hospitals in Jefferson City and Audrain County recently donated $25,000 to the Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri’s Disaster Relief Fund, citing a renewed emphasis on inter-agency collaboration following a catastrophic tornado and ongoing flooding in the area.  Bishop W. Shawn McKnight and Sister Kathleen Wegman of the School Sisters of…

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Rally celebrates birthdays that will happen thanks to new law

“A woman who was conceived in an act of violence against her mother has a message for people who think there should be exceptions in laws regulating abortion. “I did not deserve the death penalty for the crime of my biological father,” Rebecca Kiessling cried out during the MOBirthday Celebration Rally in the State Capitol…

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