Columbia writer, composer is ACP Song of the Year finalist

The Liturgy is the source and summit of the faith life of the Church, so whatever we do in the Liturgy should spill out and ripple past the walls.”

To gaze on the face of God is to become like Him.
It is to see as He sees, know as He knows, love as He loves, and do what He does.
It is to be remade in the fullness of His likeness.
Kate Basi gives voice to people’s longing for that experience with her latest liturgical composition, “Show Us Your Face.”
“Let hearts that seek the Lord rejoice! Turn to your God and be saved!” the chorus resounds. “No force contain, no power destroy our hope for salvation and grace!”
Mrs. Basi’s hymn has drawn national recognition as one of the three finalists for the Association of Catholic Publishers’ (ACP) 2019 Song of the Year award.
“I was stunned to be nominated, let alone declared a finalist,” said Mrs. Basi, a member of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Columbia.
The theme for this year’s award was social justice.

Catholic Missourian

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