Advocate Training Registration

Matrimonial Tribunal
Staff and Contacts

Judicial Vicar
Msgr. Gregory Higley
573-635-9127, ext. 269

Adjutant Judicial Vicar
Rev. Brad T. Berhorst, JCL
573-635-9127, ext. 212

Ecclesiastical Notary
Terry Vignola
573-635-9127, ext. 255

Rev. Michael F. Quinn
Mr. Benjamin Roodhouse, JD, JCL
Rev. Mark S. Smith, JCL

Defenders of the Bond
Mrs. Constance Schepers
Ms. Ashley Subler, JCL

Alphonse J. Schwartze
Memorial Catholic Center
2207 West Main St
Jefferson City, MO 65109-0914


Registration for Advocate Training is currently closed. Thank you for your interest! Please contact the Tribunal office if you have any questions.